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Treasure each moment
Engrave your memories and special moments, deeply in your heart

Memory(記憶)× Moment(時)× Sculpture(彫刻・刻む)= Memo 彫 (Memo Sculpture)
From such feeling, OMOSHIROI PRODUCTS were born
By using pieces and pieces of high-quality papers that has been crafted one by one
Beautiful design will appear, a delicate paper art

Everytime you use it, an artwork will come out from OMOSHIROI BLOCK
Every day will be special with OMOSHIROI CALENDAR
Color your important feelings and messages on OMOSHIROI FLAT
Memos will bloom by OMOSHIROI PETALS

A variety of products that will make your life brighter
Enjoy your own special OMOSHIROI
OMOSHIROI will stand by you