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  • How do you pay for your order?:
    Credit card and debit card payments via PayPal, and convenience store payments (only in Japan) are available.

  • Can you deliver the items to Taiwan?:
    No you can’t deliver your items to Taiwan. In that case please use any Eslite book stores, their ONLINE STORE, and 誠品風格文具館.
  • When do you dispatch the order?:
    We would dispatch your order within 7 business days including the next business day when you placed your order.
    In case if you wish to deliver the items to the different place from your registered address at PayPal, please indicate your elivery address when you place your order.
    Please contact us at onlinestore-contact@triad-japan.com if you have any inquiry.
  • Can you put several orders together?:
    We are sorry we won’t accept your orders to put together. Once your orders have been made, we handle them separately.
  • It is possible to deliver multiple items to different destinations?:
    You should make a separate purchase for every destination.

  • Can you accept the cancellation, exchanging the ordered items or refunds?:
    Any customers should follow the below agreement;
    Any customers cannot make any changing the ordered contents or cancellation after confirming your order.
    And we would not accept your exchanges the items or refunds due to customer’ s personal preference.
    However, excluding the conditions as initial failure of the products, any damages made through the delivery, or mis-delivery of the items. In those cases please notice us by e-mail within 8 days from the receipt of the items and send them back to us by collect mail.
    Please understand we cannot accept those claims after passing 9 days from the receipt.
    There are some items we cannot accept like limited quantity or a limited time only items.
    Please understand that in general, we cannot accept exchanges or refunds for any damaged or dirt items caused by the customers.

  • Can you issue receipts?:
    In case if you need the receipts, please inform us through the OMOSHIROI ONLINE STORE inquiry form.。
  • Can you redeliver the returned items because of the end of retention period?:
    Please understand that we would redeliver the returned items, however, another delivery would be charged.